The exploration offered in the free online course is just the tip of the iceberg. The course introduces you to basic breathing and opens the door to a deeper exploration. This deeper exploration is unique to every individual and requires personal attention. This can take place in one-to-one sessions.

Naturally, as you practice, your breathing improves and you gain access to new possibilities: longer breaths, different ratios, and different breathing techniques. It is possible to tailor practices for different needs such as a refreshing morning practice in preparation for an active day or a relaxing night practice in preparation for sleep. Sometimes different seasons of the year invite different practices. Sometimes life stresses require adjustments to practice.

One-to-one sessions create a possibility to evolve your breathing practices in response to your ever-changing personal development, abilities, and needs. They give us an opportunity to talk about your practice and how it fits into your life and to make adjustments accordingly.

The frequency of consultations depends on how your practice and life progress together. In the beginning phases of practice, you may find that your abilities develop rapidly and consultations can be every few weeks. If you settle into a steady practice then consultations may be months apart.

Depending on your needs you can choose between 3 types of consultations:

  • An email consultation is the briefest interaction where you can write in to share about your practice and I will respond with guidance on how to continue or modify your practice.
  • A 30 minute video call allows a deeper exchange and sometimes is required for transmitting instructions which are better conveyed in video than in writing.
  • A 50 minute conversation allows a wider and softer space for listening and consulting.

Whenever you desire a consultation to refine your practice, you can choose which format of consultation best fits your needs. After every consultation, you will have a tailored practice that you can independently practice.

18 euro
30 Minute
Video Call
36 euro
50 Minute
Video Call
54 Euro